Crubei is Giulio Scafuro who – even as a child – expressed originality and good taste. Today these qualities have brought him to give life to his ideas, communicating with the world around him.

He sees beyond the physical quality of the raw material. This is thanks to the fact that he grew up in Solofra, home of fine leather where the human hand is the most important part of the laboratory, where craftsmen follow all the phases of production all along the line up to the fashion ‘maisons’.

Theory enhances practice: so Giulio graduated in Milan – capital of fashion – in Fashion Design and Techniques.

His experience continues by working in important ‘ateliers’ both in Italy and abroad.

To date, his collection is made up of unique pieces composed of a creative mixture of various materials – not only leather, but leather coupled with silk or jersey, lace or denim – a unique creative universe.

A kaleidoscope of fine leather: choose which one suits you the most!